Calling All Screenwriters!

This website caters to screenwriters who have TNT — talent and tenacity.  If you are dedicated, determined to make it no matter what, then you have found a home.

Erica will personally assist you in navigating the Hollywood landscape and gain real traction for your writing goals and career in this ever changing platform of Prime Time TV Drama.

Services offered … Click on link for pricing.

organizationalcoachingOne-on-One Personal Mentoring

You’ve written zero to 1 script, feel it is not market ready and want to learn the fundamentals of story telling structure.  (Aspiring Screenwriter)

Completed 2 or more drafts and are looking to elevate your writing craft. (Ascending Screenwriter)

Going in for a Network/Cable pitch on your TV Pilot and need the strategies to nail that Pitch. (Advanced/Professional Screenwriters)

nfl_writers_room_super_bowl_giantWriters Workshops

Master classes can help you write a better script, solidify your brand, and take the necessary steps to build traction for your career. (Advanced/Professional/Alumni Screenwriters)


Screen Shot 2001-02-03 at 11.46.45 AMStrategic Career Plans

Looking for a clear picture of how to market your screenplays and take steps to build your brand/career. (Aspiring/Ascending/Advanced Writers)


shamlessscriptmug_0001Premise & Script Consultation

Have an idea you want to structure into a coherent and dependable outline before you go off to write your spec script. (Screenwriters at All Levels)

Seeking private consultation/professional perspective/mentoring on a script or project. (Advanced/Professional Screenwriters)

brandingimagePersonal Branding & Building Your Writer’s Platform

Looking for a clear picture of how to market your screenplays and take steps to build your brand/career. (Screenwriters on All Levels)



Calling All Produced Screenwriters!

Struggling with the “Career Today, Gone Tomorrow” syndrome?  If you are a produced feature film screenwriter and are discovering that selling a feature film today is nearly impossible, then you may want to consider transitioning into writing for TV One-Hour Drama.  Learn the tools you need to nail this new structural format and make an original TV Pilot your new spec project. Erica will assist you every step of the way.

Custom programs are available to fit any budget and career goal.  

Click on link for pricing.

perplexed_manStrategic Game Plans

Looking for a clear picture of how to revive your career and take steps to build your brand, excel professionally, and earn a seat on a writing staff.

Already on staff but want to make all the strategic moves to advance to Showrunner. (Professional Produced Writers)

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