Premise & Script Consultations

shamlessscriptmug_0001Each consultation includes extensive written feedback, a one-hour story conference (in person, or a teleconference or skype session – your choice) and covers every critical aspect of your script including:

  • Story Structure
  • Character Arc
  • External & Internal Character Motivations and Conflict
  • External & Internal Story Tracks and Progression
  • Themes vs. Message
  • Physical Action vs. Viseral Action                                     
  • Dialogue
  • A Specific Game Plan for Your Revision
  • Market Ready Analysis

You can pay onsite with PayPal or simply mail a check to: Erica Byrne, P. O. Box  5193, Goodyear, AZ 85338-0603.


5 to 6 page Beat Sheet: $250.00 USD 

12 to 20 page Story Outline: $350.00 USD 

45 to 60 page One-Hour TV Drama Spec on a Current On-Air Series: $650.00 USD 

48 to 62 page Original TV Drama Pilot Script: $750.00 USD 

58 to 62 page Original TV Drama Pilot Script & Series Bible: $850.00 USD 

105 to 120 page Original Feature Film Script: $1,500.00 USD 

Each additional page: $5.00 per page USD 


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