Writers Room

nfl_writers_room_super_bowl_giantThe Virtual Writers Room

Feeling stuck?        Need input on an idea?       This is the place to go!

Now there’s no reason to work in isolation or wait until your writers’ group meeting to connect with your peers.

Here you can:

  • post your work for peer feedback
  • bounce ideas off each other
  • brainstorm a premise, plot, or character arc
  • rehearse an upcoming pitch
  • or spitball any topic

NOTE:  Only Alumni who have worked with Erica Byrne have exclusive access to this page.

Everyone who jumps into the mix is a seasoned screenwriter.

Think of the possibilities:

  • you can build a community where ideas can flow
  • friendships can be born
  • writers groups can be formed
  • if you are looking for a writing partner you might find one here

Remember, you are free to discuss your ideas among yourselves getting input from other seasoned screenwriters.

So join in and keep the chatter going.

To participate Contact Erica.

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