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There are many books out there for screenwriting and television writing.  The ones I feel are the best for the craft of writing are:

Inside the Room resizedInside the Room: Writing Television with the Pros at
UCLA Extension Writers’ Program edited by Linda Venis

Cut to the Chase resized

Cut to the Chase: Writing Feature Films with the Pros at UCLA Extension Writers’ Program edited by Linda Venis

SBible5thEdition resized 2

The Screenwriter’s Bible
by David Trottier





In order to start a career, you must keep current on what’s commercial, what’s trending, and how the business works.  Stay in the loop by following these sites:

The Hollywood Reporter:
Variety: http:/
Entertainment Weekly:
The Wrap:


To help you navigate Hollywood’s ever changing business landscape, here are some pics that will keep you up to date, and in the know about the biz.

Fade In Magazine:
On Story:
Written By Magazine:
The Sundance Channel:

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